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Medical Video in the Works!
By: Promote Awareness

Sara Axtell from the University of Minnesota, Ronna Linroth from Gillette Technology Center and Mike Cohn of Promote Awareness are working on a new video that is geared towards enhancing the knowledge of medical students regarding how to interact with a patient who is disabled. Many times doctors and nurses make incorrect assumptions about patients with disabilities.

The purpose of this video and training material is to show various scenarios, both good and bad, that have occurred in the medical field. The accompanying material will provide questions that follow with the video as well as other resources if there are further questions on a particular disability.

If you have had negative experiences with a medical professional and would like to share your experience, please E-mail Michael Cohn at

If you would like to make a contribution to the production of this video, please make checks payable to Promote Awareness, and send them to:

Promote Awareness
10155 Greenbrier Rd
Suite 201
Minnetonka, MN 55303