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Gait Lab
-By Michael Cohn

Just think how one medical test can change a person's life! In November of 2001, I went to Gillette Hospital for a gait lab analysis. During the test the doctors monitored a number of different things regarding how a person walks.

One of the ways this is done is by using infrared cameras and a video camera. The information is then put into a computer and the doctor determines what to recommend (i.e. back surgery, leg surgeries, just to name a couple).

There may be a number of different options-from trying a different medication to orthopedic surgery. I myself had orthopedic surgery on my right leg and foot. This was due to the development during childhood, of my femur and hip. Although my right leg and hip are now straight I still have to go through some more surgery later on this summer. This time it will be on my left hip. After the surgery I will be able to increase my walking. It should improve my balance as well.

It is funny how one test can determine so many changes. Am I glad I went through this test? Yes. Would I recommend this test to other people? Yes. The procedure is painless and the outcome could change your life like it has mine. For more information about the gait lab, please call Gillette Hospital @ (651) 229-3868.