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During the year of 2001 Promote Awareness will be producing 3 educational videos. One focuses on technology in the workplace. There will be two videos that will focus on disabilities at school age level, one is for K - 6th grade, the other focuses on grades 7 - 9. Each of these videos will come with training material in order for them to be shown at all schools (please see the below for progress
information and pricing).

§ Disability and Technology in the Workplace

§ Understanding Disability and Outreach

Disability and Technology in the Workplace

Promote Awareness now offers a 20 minute video along with supplemental training material. The video is called "Understanding Assistive Technologies in the Workplace". In the video, you will see people with
disabilities working productively with aid of Assistive technology.

For more information on how to purchase the video and material, please contact Michael Cohn, Promote Awareness' Executive director, at The retail price of the video is $32.50. This includes the training manual and shipping and handling.

As of March 1st, 30 copies have been sold to various companies such as Microsoft, Opportunity Partners in Minnetonka, Impact of Buffalo, NY, and The United Cerebral Palsy of Minnesota, just to name a few.


Understanding Disability and Outreach

This is a 20-minute video talk with four people and how they have lived with and overcome their disability to live a full life. This video also includes a training manual that can be used as supplemental information when viewing the video. This video is $32.50, which includes the manual and shipping and handling.

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